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Arizona Business FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Most asked question:

Can I list your address down as the known place of business in Arizona to keep my home or business address off the LLC or corporation forms?

YES! It’s that simple. A lot of our clients actually do this.


Can I list your address for everything on the state forms?

Yes, but keep in mind, that you will need to maintain that with the state, and putting our address down for members/managers/officers/directors/principal place of business, etc… will cost money if you ever want to change that address on the state docs. This does not give you permission to actually tell your clients or send all your mail to us. This would only apply on the actual state documents you file with the Corporation Commission.


How do I get your signature as the statutory agent?

All the forms you can file are pre-signed in your online account.

We recommend paying the extra $35 to expedite your filing with the ACC. They literally take forever to process your filing if you don’t. It’s kind of like they thought long and hard about how to make the process the longest it could possibly be. Without the expedited option, your filing gets bumped around about 4 different sections of the ACC before it gets finished. You can only really laugh at the inefficiency. It would really take some work to be that inefficient.