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Register a Foreign LLC in Arizona

If you formed your business outside of Arizona but are ready to begin doing business here, you can register your existing business as a foreign Arizona LLC. This registration allows your business to legally conduct business in Arizona while still being recognized as a company from wherever you initially formed your business.

Arizona Sunset

Arizona Foreign LLC registration allows your business to maintain its company history, EIN, domestic jurisdiction, and existing records, but qualifies your business to also transact business in Arizona.

How To Register a Foreign LLC in Arizona

To register a foreign LLC in Arizona, file the Application for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company online form with the Arizona Corporation Commission. Completing the application involves a few more steps than you might think, but we’ve simplified the steps for you:

  1. Check Name Availability
  2. Appoint a Statutory Agent
  3. Collect LLC’s Domestic Documents
  4. Prepare and File Foreign LLC Application
  5. Complete Publication
  6. Tax Registration
  7. Maintain Compliance
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Skip the Steps. Work with AZ Experts.

Congratulations on expanding your LLC into Arizona. We’re glad to have you here!

Running a business is hectic, running a business in multiple jurisdictions is even more hectic. Skip the extra paperwork, and hire local Arizona professionals to complete all the filings in your domestic state AND register your LLC in Arizona all at once. We work with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) every day, and can get your LLC registered as efficiently as possible.

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Fee Type With Us DIY
Domestic Certificate of Existence ranges by state ranges by state
Domestic Certified Copy ranges by state ranges by state
Our Filing Fee for Domestic Documents $0 NA
Arizona LLC Registration $150 $150
LLC Registration Expedite Fee (Optional) $35 (opt) $35 (opt)
Our Filing Fee for AZ Registration $100 NA
Publication NA $50++
AZ Statutory Agent Service $49/year $49/year
TOTAL $299+ $249++

Check Arizona LLC Name Availability

Even though your existing LLC already has an approved name in your domestic jurisdiction, you’ll want to see if that name is available to be registered in Arizona. You can check the availability of the name through the Arizona Corporation Commission. If your business’s name is already in use here, decide on a fictitious name to operate under in Arizona, and then pass a resolution with your LLC’s members/managers to operate under that name in Arizona.

Appoint a Statutory Agent

As with domestic Arizona LLCs, foreign LLCs must appoint an Arizona statutory agent. In many cases, hiring a professional statutory agent is even more crucial for foreign LLCs than it is for domestic LLCs. Whether or not they are comfortable listing it on public record, many business owners have a permanent, physical address in their domestic state, whereas many do not have a permanent, physical location in their desired foreign jurisdiction even if they wanted to serve as their own statutory agent. In these situations hiring a local agent becomes a requirement rather than an option

Pro-tip: Keep in mind that in Arizona, domestic and foreign LLCs are subject to a publication requirement in the county of their statutory agent, except in Pima and Maricopa Counties. Our office is in Pima County, so our statutory agent service clients save money by skipping the hassle and fees tied to publishing business notices.

Collect Domestic LLC Documents

When you foreign register your LLC into Arizona, you must provide a recent Certificate of Good Standing (called a Certificate of Existence in some jurisdictions), like you would in most states. However, the Arizona Corporation Commission also requires a recent certified copy of your domestic LLC Articles of Organization/Formation. The fees, filing method, and timeline for these mandatory documents are determined by each state and vary widely.

Check with the secretary of state (or similar office/website) where you formed your LLC to see what your should expect.

Pro-Tip: When you hire Arizona Statutory Agent to foreign register your LLC, we get everything that’s needed for you from your home state. We don’t charge extra filing fees to gather your certified copy or certificate of good standing, we add your state’s filing fee for the documents to your Foreign Filing registration and take care of the extra steps for you, with no add-on fees for our time or expertise.

Prepare and File Foreign LLC Application

Complete the Application for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company form with the Arizona Corporation Commission. This filing must be completed online, and you’ll need to provide details about the LLC, its members, the principal office address, and other relevant information.

Here is the information you’ll need to include in your Foreign Registration Statement:

  • Entity type. This should match the entity type as it is in your home jurisdiction. Generally, it is an LLC, but you may have a PLLC, Series LLC, etc.
  • Company name. The original, legal name of your domestic LLC.
  • Name to be used in Arizona. This should match your company name above, unless that name is unavailable and you must select a fictitious name.
  • Professional services. Professional limited liability companies (PLLCs) must state what state-licensed services they offer.
  • Home state. Jurisdiction, state, or foreign country where the business was originally formed.
  • Date of formation. Original date of formation in home state.
  • Business purpose. The purpose or industry of your business. May be generic or detailed.
  • Statutory agent information. The name and physical address of the person or business entity who will accept service of process for your business. Must include an actual street address in Arizona (no PO boxes).
  • Business mailing address. Address where you’d like to receive business mail. Does not need to be in Arizona, and it may be a PO box.
  • Business physical address. If your LLC’s home state required your LLC to list a physical street address on formation documents, give that address here. If not, you may give the name and address of your registered agent in your home state.
  • Designating foreign company. Series LLCs only. The name, date of formation, and home state of the company that is establishing an Arizona foreign series.
  • Management structure. Member (owner) managed, or manager managed. You will also need to attach the appropriate list of your members (Form L041) or managers (Form L040), depending on your management structure.
  • Signature. Signature of the individual completing the filing. The individual may or may not be a part of the business, and must indicate if they represent a 3rd party filing on behalf of the company.

You must also attach both of the domestic LLC documents. If you must operate under a fictitious name, include a resolution approving the chosen fictitious name.

Pro-tip: Skip the filings and have experienced Arizona professionals get your Certificate of Existence, certified copies, and complete your Arizona Foreign Registration, all for just $100 plus your state fees.

Complete Publication Requirement

Domestic and foreign Arizona LLCs must publish a notice of their formation in an approved newspaper for three runs within 60 days of starting. The notice should include the LLC’s name, its members’ names and addresses, and its main business address.

Pro-Tip: Maricopa and Pima County LLCs are exempt from doing the publication because the state handles those notices. Our clients benefit from our Pima County address and can skip the publication hassle even if they are not physically located in Pima or Maricopa County. Depending on the publication rates in your county you may save money by hiring us, and you’ll definitely save yourself time.

Arizona Tax Registration

Prior to transacting business in Arizona, all out of state businesses must register with the Arizona Department of Revenue. Check out the state’s Guide to Taxes for Arizona Businesses for a full rundown of what taxes your business will be subject to here.

Maintain Arizona LLC Compliance

Great news! In Arizona LLCs are not required to complete annual reports like corporations and other business entity types. You may have other compliance requirements for your LLC in Arizona like if you have industry-specific licensing, but you will not need to complete a basic LLC annual report with the Arizona Corporation Commission.