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Arizona DBAs (Trade Names)

A trade name, commonly known as a “DBA” (Doing Business As) name, is exactly what the name suggests: a name that an individual or entity engages in trade under/does business as. In Arizona, trade names are registered with the Arizona Secretary of State online for $10.

Whether you’re just curious, ready to file, or looking to hire someone to get a trade name for you, we’ve got you covered on all of the following:

What is the difference between an Arizona DBA and trade name?

Nothing really. While you may hear the two terms interchangeably, “trade name” is the officially recognized term with the Arizona Secretary of State. Whether you call it your trade name or DBA, both terms refer to the name a business uses to operate other than its legal name.

Reasons to register Arizona Trade Names

Not sure if you should get a trade name? Consider some of our clients’ top reasons for adding DBAs.

  • Flexibility. With an Arizona trade name, you can expand into new (Arizona) markets or offer different products/services under distinct names while maintaining your existing legal structure.
  • Web Domain Consistency. If your website domain is varies from your legal business name, it usually makes sense to capture the domain name as a DBA as well.
  • Branding Opportunities. Using trade names enables you to create a memorable brand identity separate from your business’s legal entity name.
  • Compliance. (Especially for Sole Proprietors.) Registering a trade name establishes legal recognition and compliance with state regulations for operating under anything other than your individual or entity name.
  • Consumer Trust. (Especially for Sole Proprietors.) A registered DBA can build trust and establish professionalism beyond operating simply under your own name.


Arizona Trade Names can allow you to market and highlight different aspects of your business without registering multiple companies.

How to register an Arizona Trade Name:

To get a DBA/trade name in Arizona, expect to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Trade Name. Select a name for your business that complies with Arizona naming requirements and is not already in use. If you operate your business as registered entity such as an Arizona LLC or corporation, your entity should be formed prior to applying for a trade name.
  2. Check the Trade Name for Availability. Verify that your chosen DBA name is available by searching the Arizona Secretary of State Trade Name database. Follow the recommended guidelines when searching names for the highest chance of approval.
  3. File the Arizona Trade Name Application. Complete the online application and pay the $10 filing fee. Processing generally takes a couple of weeks, but the state offers expedited processing for an additional $25 fee. Paper filings are no longer accepted or processed.
  4. Renew Trade Name as Needed. Arizona Trade Name registrations are valid for 5 years once approved. To maintain your trade name for your Arizona business, file the Trade Name Renewal form online for $10 to keep the trade name another 5 years.

Arizona Sunset

How a DBA CAN work for you

A totally fictitious example inspired by real life clients.

When Olivia decided to turn her parents’ old home to a short term rental, she formed an LLC as Olive Tree Property Rental. As she marketed her space, she found that it did better when she played into her niche and named her little bungalow The Sunset Shanty. She didn’t change her LLC name, but did register a trade name as The Sunset Shanty

Olivia decide to start a website to directly market The Sunset Shanty outside of third party apps, but wanted to distinguish her space from other rentals by the same name. She registered the domain name as ArizonaSunsetShanty and then registered another trade name to match the domain.

After years of success, Olivia took the leap to purchase another property. She opted to use her original LLC to make the purchase and manage financials for the new condo, but registered its trade name as Full Moon Flat.

While Olivia’s marketing was able to use different, cuter names for the two rental properties, she maintained joint bookkeeping for the two locations. She only needed one annual report, one tax filing, and one LLC name to utilize for other business purposes.

Why hire your statutory agent to register your trade name?

At Arizona Statutory Agent, we can file your trade name for just $125 + state fees. With us, you can expect all the very best, including:

  • Efficiency. Saves time and effort so you can focus on running your business.
  • Expertise. Utilize our specialized knowledge and extensive filing experience.
  • Notification Management. When we file your trade name, we ensure it’s properly on file so all your documents always get to you.
  • Peace of Mind. We will run all the right prep work to get your trade name approved and ensure proper handling of the process from start to finish.

After you hire us to form your company or provide you registered agent service, you can easily add on our Trade Name Service inside your client account. Once your order is placed and paid, sit back and relax while our team takes care of the rest.

Arizona DBA or Trade Name FAQs

Are Arizona businesses required to have a DBA or trade name?

In Arizona, a trade name (sometimes called a DBA) isn’t obligatory by law but is commonly used for businesses to operate under a name distinct from their legal entity. It allows them to establish a recognizable identity and conduct transactions under an alternative name for a variety of reasons.

How much does a trade name cost in Arizona?

The standard filing fee is $10 (good for 5 years). The optional add-on for expedited filing is $25.

How long does it take to get an Arizona trade name?

The time to get a DBA in Arizona varies. It can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on factors like filing method and the states’s workload. Generally, you’ll see a disclaimer indicating the current processing timeline on the online trade name form.